Rich Block 2-22-17

Rich reminded us of the value of promotional products.  Keeping your business in mind by keeping your name in front of customers. Customers will continue to use products during the year. Customers will remember who gave the products. Increase referrals … Continue reading

Hovig Vartanian 2-22-17

Hovig announced he is expanding his practice to include new testing. His goal is to treat health conditions with nutritional changes and supplements instead of using drugs. This has been an interest of his for some time and he has done … Continue reading

Tom Daly 2-15-17

Tom talked about some trends he’s seen in the remodeling industry. Basement jobs are popular when owners want more living space for themselves or guests. As home owners age they are wanting to remain at home as long as they … Continue reading

Marty Adelberg 2-15-17

Marty spoke of the history of credit cards due to the economic growth after WWII. Security features have increased since the first carbon slips (not very secure) to the new chips cards which have reduced fraud to only face-to-face transactions. Reminded … Continue reading

Erica Minchella 2-8-17

Erica gave some examples of partition suits she had argued. When multiple people inherit property and can’t agree on how to use it, the property is usually sold and the proceedings divided. The process can be ugly and expensive and … Continue reading

John Terzis 2-8-17

John gave his expected investing outlook for 2017. Things are looking good for the stock market. Expects smoother policy paths, deregulation, and money coming back from overseas. Earnings, Fed rates, and the dollar are going up which means bond are … Continue reading

Dan Norak 2-1-17

Dan gave some advice about why a cash out refinance can be very helpful to customers. If you have a lot of credit card debt with a high interest rate, it might be more sense to take money out of … Continue reading

Randall Heman 2-1-17

Randall gave some examples of clients that needed more than just straight bookkeeping work. He was able to help a client move from an old accounting program to Quickbooks by exporting the old data to Excel and then importing that … Continue reading

Greg Turza 1-25-17

Greg gave the example of a divorced couple in which one of the spouses wished to remain living in the house with the children but would not be a beneficiary in the trust agreement. This becomes more of an issue … Continue reading

Arlyn Tratt 1-25-17

Sellers often try to get a idea of what their house will sell for by looking at the Zillow website but there are many factors that create an estimate that Zillow doesn’t know. Zillow has never been inside your home. … Continue reading